An Honest Closet Closet Tour

 DISCLAIMER: I am completely aware that I’m a horrible fashion photographer. Never hire me at Vogue. It was just 9 at night and I had to annotate, so I did this in a rush. I just wanted my 12 readers to have content to enjoy.

I love this dress. It may look like a piece of celery, but it doesn’t. I wear it whenever I’m desperate for compliments.

I got this shirt from NastyGal. It was the cheapest thing I could find. Not that I like it or anything, I just like saying that I got something from NastyGal.

A going out skirt, even though I don’t go out.

Culture appropriation.


These shorts were made for a party girl named Brandi. Or Tiffani.

How to hide your period.

Wait, I have this?

This looks like something a ’50s housewife would wear. But whatever.

Here’s a tshirt with a city on it. I wear it to look worldly. I’ve barely been to Canada.

I only bought this shirt because I felt bad for it. Ew.

And this skirt.

And this dress.

And this shirt.


Okay. My therapist was right. I am a compulsive shopper. 


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