Eyeliner: The Silent Killer 

I’m just going to say this right off the bat: I’ve never been good at makeup.

Yes, I know. A GIRL?! WHO CAN’T DO MAKEUP? How rare, right?

Well, let me just confess a few sins: I can’t wear on eyeshadow without looking like a pixie-dusted raver, it is seemingly impossible for me to do a red lip without looking like a discount Miranda Sings, and bronzer…well…that makes everyone look like Tan Mom.

But there is one thing that stands out from the rest, at least for me. That is, I’m worse at doing it than I am at any other thing…

It’s called eyeliner.

My mom is always telling me to put eyeliner on the bottoms of my eyes so I can accentuate them more. But believe me mother, it’s a LOT easier said than done.

The thing is, I don’t “put on eyeliner.” I awkwardly draw on the area near my eyes and cringe when I see that eyeliner only makes me look like I’m in an emo phase.

However, I have had other people do my eyeliner for me. And I have looked pretty decent.

But every time I try to do eyeliner myself, it just goes wrong.

Here’s a picture of me wearing eyeliner that someone else did:

And here is the eyeliner I tried to do:

“At least I can say that I triiiiiiiii-iiied.”

Oh no. I’m quoting a popular song. This topic really has changed me.

By the way, I am now realizing how dramatic my title is. I just wanted something click-baity.

And the word “killer” is pretty foreboding, am I right?

Yeah, coming up with a title is another thing I’m not really good at.


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