“Why are you wearing a ball gown at a sleepover?”

When it comes to style, I’ve always had the same sort of mentality: “Who cares if it’s comfortable? Just so long as it’s stylish! And not basic!”

Yeah, that’s the reason for all the blisters on my foot. The mystery has been solved.

Also, my style of school clothes has generally been on the nicer side of casual. I hardly ever wear tennis shoes outside of the gym, I avoid sweatpants like the plague, and I’m more of a blouse wearer than a t-shirt wearer.

But when it comes to social events like parties and other places where I might be encountering hot people, I dress to impress.

But for the most part, these gatherings are super casual.

For example, I went to a very casual event a few weeks ago. I wore a striped shirt, a short denim mini skirt, black high heeled shoes, and a vegan (fake) leather jacket.

I was quite proud of my outfit. I truly looked like a washed up rock star–in the best way possible.

But when I showed up at the event, everyone was literally wearing pajamas. And I didn’t even know anyone there.

I already knew that people thought I was desperate. I mean, I looked the part. Why not have that first impression?

This was how I always ended up feeling at events: overdressed and a little out of place.

You’re probably wondering why I always overdress even though I end up feeling like a really glamorous afterthought.

To be honest, events just get me that way.

Before I go to a casual party, I always say, “Just wear jeans and a t-shirt. You’ll be fine in jeans and a tshirt.”

But ten minutes later, my entire closet is laid out on the floor, I have a flat iron in one hand, a makeup brush in the other, and I’m screaming “I have nothing to wear!” in distress. 

But the thing is, I kind of like this feeling of freaking out. It almost makes me feel like I’m off to somewhere really important, which makes me feel like I’m doing something right.

I also dress up because in the end, I dress mostly to please myself. Who cares if people think I’m desperate for wearing heels to the grocery store? I find it fun, to be honest.

And if I enjoy it, that’s all that matters in the end. Right?

***WRONG. That is, if you’re a serial killer. Or a xenophobe. Or an animal killer. Or a…yeah, you get the point.


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