Addressing Something Kinda Sorta Serious UPDATE

If you’re one of my 5 readers who follows my blog, you already know that I did not get into an AP English class.

Well, just to give you guys some closure, here’s an update: I was wrong. I did get in.

Here’s the story. So when I found out about the class yesterday, I was sick at home. I saw the list because a girl who I followed put it on Instagram.

Obviously, my name was not on there, so I understandably thought I did not get in.

But today, another day in which I was home sick, my friend sent me this picture.

 Obviously, my friend did not send a picture that censored names. That was done by yours truly.

In this moment, I was confused. What did it even mean to be “supplemental?”

I asked my friend, and she said that it meant that I could get in if someone dropped out.

That was a good thing, I guess, but I still had to depend on other people in order for me to get what I wanted, which was not really ideal.

Besides, I was still in second place. I know I should not be complaining, because some people didn’t even make it, but it was still a little disconcerting to only be in 2nd place in a field that I devote my life to.

But then, my friend texts a little bit later, saying that she was wrong: I was for sure in the class. They just graded my essay after everyone else’s, and they added it later on.

At this point, I was overjoyed, but kind of disappointed that I pretty much lied to my five readers.

So that’s why I’m posting this update. The end.


I wish I could tell you that after getting rejected, one thing will lead to another and you’ll end up getting what you want in the long run.

But that doesn’t always happen. This is just a case in which my paper was at the bottom of the pile.

But I wish I didn’t get into the class, because I’m scared that I will get rejected from another thing and I will be led to believe that I will get what I want.

After all, it has happened to me two other times. There have been two other times in which I have been denied from something that I really wanted, cried, but somehow ended up getting what I wanted, even though I did nothing extra.

Is it a coincidence? Honestly, I hope so. I hope I won’t keep believing that things like that happen everytime I get rejected from something.

So there is a moral here. Just because something happens multiple times does not mean that it will happen again in the future.

It’s the ugly truth, but we need to learn to accept it. We can’t always get what we want, or else we wouldn’t have anything to work for.

Also, not being accepted into something builds character. It teaches you how to love the life you live.


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