My biggest resolution, AKA an excuse to talk about my new blog

You saw this coming from miles away, didn’t you?

I’m going to answer my own rhetorical question and say, “Yes, of course you did.”

New Year’s resolutions are inescapable at this point. You’ve probably seen a bunch of sentiment on social media about how “this year is going to be MY year,” gotten a talking-to from a parental unit on how you should get your life together, or sworn you’re going to eat healthy as your lips bleed from too much consumption of potato chip salt (Just me? Sorry).

But as of right now, Sunday, January 1st, 2017, 5:41 in the evening, I have already fulfilled one of my many resolutions for my next trip around the sun: get back into blogging.

There are a few reasons why I decided to dig my website, FKA The Starving Writer (ugh), FFKA Style and Other Complicated Things (double ugh), out of the depths of defunct WordPress pages.

One: I needed something good to put on my college applications and make me stick out from other teens, and I don’t mean like a sore thumb, which is the way I usually tend to go.

Two: I badly needed another project to get immersed in, or else I would have to take “writer” out of my Instagram bio.

Three: Most importantly, I was tired of my emotions, opinions, and quips remaining pent-up in my burnt-out brain instead of on paper (or in this case, Open Office documents) where they should be.

So, as a result of those three motives coming together, Punfiltered was born.

I’m not going to define this word that came from my imagination (it’s not even on Urban Dictionary, so I am very much entitled to say that) because with my current homepage layout, it’s one of the first things you see.

But I will say how excited/nervous I am for this foray into the digital world.

Obviously, my excitement outweighs my nerves. I had much more fun developing this site than I did developing The Starving Writer or Style and Other Complicated Things.

Instead of going for a stark minimalist (read: BORING) appeal like I had before, I decided to shift my aesthetic entirely in favor of maximalism. Punfiltered is full of colors, pictures, shorter, less compact fonts, basically everything my artsy 15-year-old self would havecondemned.

This new look has proven to be much more visually pleasing. Is it weird that I get chills of happiness whenever I see the Instagram widget?

My absolute favorite thing about Punfiltered is the title itself. In case my other blog efforts were not enough indication, I’m very challenged in the title category. Style and Other Complicated Things was redundant, and The Starving Writer was basic and inaccurate. However, my new page’s title is everything I could want and more: quick, witty, original.

This title also allows me to embrace the main trait that makes me Cayla Isabel Newnan: my weirdness. Cliche and martyr-ish as it sounds, I one hundred percent consider myself a “weirdo.” I’m not going to explain, because if you even know me the least bit, you do not need an explanation.

On Punfiltered, I hope to translate said weirdness into entries full of humor, heart, and, of course, PUNS. My content itself is going to vary, but you can expect to see a lot of embarrassing stories, commentary, satire, and my own fiction.

However, I still have a few doubts, concerns, and what-ifs about Punfiltered. My biggest fear by far is that this will go down as just another failed attempt at becoming Cayla the Blogger.

But I do have some solutions for this. My biggest problem was not posting enough, but now, I have a schedule. You’ll be hearing from me at least once a week. My busy schedule will not get in the way, I swear.

I also plan to market my blog differently. You may see Punfiltered merch coming your way…

Yup, I’m getting ahead of myself. Anyways…

As stated earlier, I have definitely started with my biggest resolution. The question is, will I finish?

I sincerely hope so.


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