Some new features!

Before I go into this little announcement, I just want to get a bit sentimental.

Thanks so much to everyone who has supported Punfiltered. Your views, searches, and subscriptions mean so much to me, and I promise to continue posting entries written to the best of my abilities, and posting to the best of my schedule.

That brings me to my new features I’m introducing on this site. The first one is called Cayla Asks Herself Questions. I’m sure that the name explains it all, but I’ll still describe it so I can have a higher word count.

In such entries, I will take a question, whether it’s about my personal life, my views on something, or maybe even a common yet complex inquiry of a would-you-rather mold.

Come to think of it, I need a catchy acronym for this feature.





And the phonetic resemblance to another word of a more scandalous sort is telling me that this will simply be known as Cayla Asks Herself Questions!

My next feature is called Real Talk. Again, based on the name, I’m sure you already know what type of content it is going to be, but word count, people, word count.

Anyways, this feature will really put the “unfiltered” in Punfiltered. Expect to see some commentary on societal paradigms, habits, trends, or anything else I feel like talking about. Cliche as it sounds, this will be the place where I get real.

There will be categories for these features as soon as I write entries for them. Until then, thanks again for everything, and I cannot wait to see Punfiltered evolve.


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